We are a family owned business, we work on all types of construction projects in Melbourne

When you contact us, you’re speaking directly with a builder.

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We are part of your team for Construction projects

We are experts in one-off architect designed projects.

40 years of experience in contruction

We have the resources for Custom and Commercial Construction

Stosius & Staff is pre-qualified for government work up to $6 million.

Our construction company has 45+ years experience in commercial building, with committed employees and solid contractor relationships.

Stosius & Staff Constructions have a very solid reputation in the commercial construction & the building industry. Stosius are big enough for any building or construction project, but small enough that you can depend on communication during the job and the result at the completion of the job.

At Stosius & Staff, we welcome enquiries from any type of commercial construction, Industrial construction or custom-building job. Typically, we build for:

  • Construction: Educational institutions – schools and universities
  • Construction: Community – churches, temples, aged care facilities, sports pavilions, multipurpose centres & childcare centres
  • Construction: Hospitals and medical facilities, including dentists
  • Construction: Factories and warehouses
  • Construction: Government and local bodies
  • Construction: Private individuals and property developers, including apartment complexes and townhouses

Most recently we have embarked on assisting the VBA and our clients, to bring at-risk buildings up to fire safety standard. We replace combustible wall cladding with compliant alternatives (Fire safety cladding) in an extremely time-efficient and cost-effective manner.

With an area of such high risk, there can be time sensitivity to ensure buildings and tenants are safe. We take pride in the fact that our staff are trained, knowledgeable and ready to go. Not only can our staff be mobilised quickly, we have all the equipment and tools on site enabling us to complete your job in the most timely manner, ensuring safety to all parties involved. 

Stosius & Staff building contractors are pre-qualified for government work up to $6 million for construction projects, which means our experience is officially recognised and highly regarded, you can be confident that we have the resources (both financial and infrastructural) to deliver constructions projects to an exceptional standard.

Here’s what our clients say about our construction services

  • " The quality of the Stosius & Staff work is very good, which is why they’ve been working on RMIT projects for the past 15 years. They deliver on time and on budget. Their crew as well as their subcontractors are adaptable to what we want, and they’re polite and easy to deal with. In short, they understand and reliably meet RMIT’s expectations "

    SABA RAJKUMARSenior Project Manager, RMIT Property Services
  • " We worked very well in partnership with Stosius & Staff and were very happy with the quality results. Stosius provided a full consultation and building service, from the plans onwards. They were very professional and extremely helpful, easily dealing with changes, and delivering on time, within budget, without compromise. Importantly, all their people were respectful of our religious culture "

    ENDARJIT SINGHTreasurer, Gurdwara Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Sikh Temple, Keysborough
  • " The Phoenix Park redevelopment by Stosius & Staff improved the facility immensely. The Stosius work was fantastic, their safety level brilliant. They only needed a minimum of supervision -- they were trustworthy, and used a consistent team on the job. I enjoyed working with them "

    Lou MurrayCoordinator, Major Projects & Property Improvement, City of Stonnington

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