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5 Tips for choosing the right commercial builder for your project

Hiring a commercial builder for your project can potentially be a make-or-break decision. Hiring the wrong contractor can result in financial loss, delays, emotional turmoil, and in extreme cases, a stalled project. These are all issues you can avoid by hiring a reputable commercial builder. If you are searching for a reputable commercial building contractor for your next construction project, here are five things you should look out for when hiring.




While commercial building projects share many similarities with residential ones, both are quite different. Commercial building projects tend to be more complex than residential ones.

Industrial builders who specialise in commercial building projects understand their complexities. They will know how to handle any unique challenges they encounter during construction. They will also adhere to high standards and ensure the construction project complies with national construction codes.

Commercial building contractors who specialise in commercial building projects are less likely to make costly mistakes, and they are more likely to complete the job faster – saving you time and money.




Experience doesn’t always guarantee quality service, but it’s an essential factor to consider when selecting a commercial builder. Commercial construction companies with plenty of experience like Stosius are more likely to have worked on a wider variety of projects than builders with little or no experience. An experienced commercial builder’s wealth of knowledge can prove helpful, especially on a complex project.

Experienced builders also tend to have better connections within the construction industry. They are more likely to have established solid relationships with reputable suppliers who provide them with quality materials at a reasonable cost, lowering construction costs.


Portfolio and References


Reputable industrial builders won’t just tell you about what they’ve done. They’ll show you too. Furthermore, they will usually have a portfolio showcasing past projects they’ve done. Looking at a builder’s past projects can give you a feel of the builder’s nature of work and give you an idea of what to expect.

After checking out a commercial builder’s portfolio, go a step further and ask the builder for references. Usually, most reputable builders won’t hesitate to refer you to past clients who were satisfied with their services. If the builder is reluctant to provide you with references, that could be a potential red flag.


Communication Skills


When hiring a builder, don’t only focus on hard skills like technical competency. Pay attention to soft skills like good communication skills. You may hire a builder with all the technical skills required to carry out the project, but if the builder isn’t easy to communicate with – you will experience problems down the road.

Before you hire a commercial builder, get to know the builder in person. Ideally, you’ll want to hire a builder you get along with. You’ll also want to hire a builder who understands your wants, needs, and concerns in addition to knowing how to articulate them well.

You’ll spend a lot of time with your builder, so you’ll want to hire one who’s a good personality match. Don’t rush to make a decision.




Last but not least, scrutinise the builder’s qualifications. Reputable commercial construction companies usually have all the required qualifications, licenses, and insurance.

When hiring a builder, consider the tips above to help you choose the right one. While the tips aren’t exhaustive of everything you should consider, they’re a good place to start.

At Stosius, we have over 40 years of experience in commercial construction. Our team of experts is capable of handling various building construction projects, no matter the complexities involved.

If you are thinking about your next commercial project or want to talk about an ongoing project, get in touch with us today.

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