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Stosius & Staff Constructions is an expert building construction company in the field of replacing combustible flammable cladding. This is a reasonably new area that requires attention, due to the number of properties being built using combustible materials.

Properties built after 1997 are at high risk of having combustible cladding

Unfortunately, properties built after 1997 are at high risk of having combustible cladding used during their construction, and pre 2011 most of the cladding used was 100% polymer core, which is considered the most dangerous type of cladding. We can offer multiple solutions, ensure the job is done quickly and keep your property safe along the way. Stosius have all the tools and materials required to ensure your property is brought up to date and meets fire rating compliance in a quick and efficient manner. We keep your building safe with flammable cladding to and ensure VBA standards are met.

What our clients say about us

  • " The quality of the Stosius & Staff work is very good, which is why they’ve been working on RMIT projects for the past 15 years. They deliver on time and on budget. Their crew as well as their subcontractors are adaptable to what we want, and they’re polite and easy to deal with. In short, they understand and reliably meet RMIT’s expectations "

    SABA RAJKUMARSenior Project Manager, RMIT Property Services
  • " We worked very well in partnership with Stosius & Staff and were very happy with the quality results. Stosius provided a full consultation and building service, from the plans onwards. They were very professional and extremely helpful, easily dealing with changes, and delivering on time, within budget, without compromise. Importantly, all their people were respectful of our religious culture "

    ENDARJIT SINGHTreasurer, Gurdwara Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Sikh Temple, Keysborough
  • " The Phoenix Park redevelopment by Stosius & Staff improved the facility immensely. The Stosius work was fantastic, their safety level brilliant. They only needed a minimum of supervision -- they were trustworthy, and used a consistent team on the job. I enjoyed working with them "

    Lou MurrayCoordinator, Major Projects & Property Improvement, City of Stonnington

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Completed Projects

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In mid 2018, we were engaged by AJ Constructions Pty Ltd to do a “test case” regarding the issues involved with flammable cladding. We worked in conjunction with the VBA to ensure the flammable cladding was removed safely and without incident. Following that, we were required to install new cladding to the entire bulding. This cladding was required to be appropriately acceptable under the new VBA legislation.

Flammable Cladding

Fire Cladding

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Is your property safe, does your building have fire safety cladding:

The VBA has recently put together a project focusing on reducing the risk of fires in buildings that have been found to have combustible cladding. These types of cladding are EPS – expanded Polystyrene and ACP – aluminium composite panels with a polyethylene core. The initiative at this stage is targeting apartment buildings 3 storeys or more, hotel, motel or student accommodation 3 storeys or more and lastly hospitals, aged care facilities and schools 2 storeys or more. Although your property may fall into one of these categories, there will be many properties that don’t, it is so important to know whether your property has been affected by these types of cladding. As previously mentioned, the above noted are simply what the properties the VBA have started to audit. For more information regarding combustible cladding ie; the dangers, how to find out if your cladding is combustible etc please refer to the VBA’s website https://www.vba.vic.gov.au/cladding

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If you find that you do in fact have a building affected by either type of combustible cladding, please feel free to contact us and we can organise a time to inspect your property and find the right solution for you. We are a commercial construction company operating in Melbourne. Our construction builders also specialise in a range of construction projects.
For queries, please contact John Stosius on 0425 753 671.

To find out more about the full range of cladding services we provide please visit  https://www.reclad.company/