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Here are the answers to the most commonly-asked questions by our clients.
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  1. We’re small enough for you to deal directly with our managing director
  2. We’re big enough to handle the big jobs (see construction projects)
  3. Our quality (visit one of our projects to see for yourself!)
  4. You can feel confident, because we’ve been around long time

Depending on the circumstances, yes

While of course it depends on the circumstances of the construction project, given the size and nature of our workforce, generally we’re able to get started fairly quickly.

It’s very likely! We have an extensive portfolio that covers all kinds of commercial construction and custom building jobs in Melbourne.

Stosius has attained a Master Builders Green Living certificate. We focus on ensuring staff are environmentally responsible at all times.

As an established commercial building company, safety is massively important to us. We would not have regular work from local bodies and large businesses if this were not so. We have a very good safety record, based around our OHS safety manual and policies. All staff are first-aid trained to Level 2 Certificate.

We work on a variety of Melbourne building jobs that are situated in different religious and ethnic communities. Our staff are culturally sensitive, and at all times compliant.

Definitely! This is essential because many of our construction jobs are for organisations based around children.

We maintain a solid subcontractor base, thanks to the quality of our relationship with them (for instance always paying them on time!). We know them well, they know us well. They want to continue to work for us, so high standards are maintained.

Definitely, for instance we’re also pre-qualified for government work, for projects up to $6 million.


Domestic Builders Unlimited: DBU 3902

Commercial Builders Unlimited: CBU 4265

  1. Specialisation – Commercial building contractors who specialise in commercial building projects are less likely to make costly mistakes, and they are more likely to complete the job faster – saving you time and money.
  2. Experience – Experienced builders also tend to have better connections within the construction industry. They are more likely to have established solid relationships with reputable suppliers who provide them with quality materials at a reasonable cost, lowering construction costs.
  3. Portfolio and References – After checking out a commercial builder’s portfolio, go a step further and ask the builder for references. Usually, most reputable builders won’t hesitate to refer you to past clients who were satisfied with their services. If the builder is reluctant to provide you with references, that could be a potential red flag.
  4. Communication Skills – You’ll spend a lot of time with your builder, so you’ll want to hire one who’s a good personality match. Don’t rush to make a decision.
  5. Qualifications – When hiring a builder, consider the tips above to help you choose the right one. While the tips aren’t exhaustive of everything you should consider, they’re a good place to start. (View our blog for more tips on choosing the right builder)

We have experience in completing a wide range of construction projects in Melbourne. See our completed projects page for more details.

Commercial builders registered in Victoria are in charge of management and arrangement of the carrying out of all sections of building work for the construction of commercial buildings and structures.

Any building where at least 50% of the floor space is being used for commercial purposes qualifies to be called a commercial building. Examples of commercial buildings include retail, food service, office buildings, warehouses, and retail buildings.

  1. Planning and Development
  2. Designing
  3. Pre-Construction
  4. Procurement
  5. Construction
  6. Post-Construction